FieldClock admin FAQ

This article provides answers to common questions you might have about the admin site.

FieldClock is a versatile tool with many layers of complexity. As such, there may be functionality that, at first glance, doesn't have a completely clear purpose. Chances are, any questions you might have have likely already been answered. This article provides a compendium of frequently asked questions and their solutions that we hope you find useful.

Why can't a user see something on the admin site?

Whether it be reports, jobs, ranches or anything else, visibility of much of FieldClock's admin site is limited by a user's "role", which can be read about in our help article on the subject.

What is the best Report for my purpose?

FieldClock offers a robust selection of reports varying in purpose and complexity. Our help article provides a great overview of all our reports.

Why can't I log in?

There are a few reasons a user may not be able to login, all of which are described in our help article.

If you continue to suffer additional problems after going through the above help article, please reach out to contact customer support for assistance.

How do I edit a finalized job?

If a job has not already been added to a payroll batch, it may be 'un-finalized' and modified. More info here.

Why are my devices having a hard time syncing?

Ranches/orchards are sometimes geographically located in areas with poor cellular and/or WiFi connections. As such, your device may be not have good enough reception to successfully sync. To fully understand how our 'sync process' works, please read our help article here. If the delays in syncing seem excessive, you can attempt to troubleshoot the issue by consulting this article.

If you are still having issues with syncing, be sure to contact customer support with as detailed a description of your issue as possible.

How do I configure automatic breaks?

We offer a fast and intuitive way for 'non-productive time' to be attributed automatically for piecework jobs, which may be read about in our help article.

What is the difference between an Employee ID and a Badge #?

Employee ID's (or payroll IDs) identify employee's for payroll purposes, whereas badge #s are simply for badge identification. More info here.