Generating reports

This article highlights the different ways in which reports may be generated, where they may be generated, what each report is best for, and what to do if we don't offer a specific type of report.

What if I need a different report than what's offered?

We're working on providing custom reporting, which will allow you to pick and choose which pieces of data are included in the report, and over what timeframe. In the meantime, the closest thing to that would be to download a CSV for either a Payroll Batch or any of our pre-generated reports, then modify it to suit your needs. For tips on how to modify excel files, please see our help article.

Pre-generated Reports

The main list of reports can be found by clicking 'Reports' from your left-hand menu while logged into the Admin site. Doing so will bring you to the main reports screen where you may choose any of our pre-generated reports:


Daily Activity Report

The Daily Activity report provides a summary of each employee's activities for a specified day. Data points given for each employee include: Total hours worked, jobs worked, and the hours breakdown for each job.

  • Report shows data from 'active' jobs

Labor Costs by Field

The Labor Costs by Field report shows the total cost of labor for a given task at each Ranch and/or Block that the task took place, along with the totals for each task and Ranch and/or Block. Labor costs may be specified for any date range, can be broken down by Total, Acre, or Unit, and may be viewed as a Table, Bar Chart, or Stacked Chart.

  • Report does NOT show data from 'active' jobs

Production by Employee

The Production by Employee report provides production numbers for employees at every job within the specified date range. Production data given for each employee include: Total piece-counts for the job as well as hourly piece-counts for the job. Additionally, each entry within the report can be clicked to expand a breakdown of the production's origin.

  • Report shows data from 'active' jobs

Production by Ticketer

The Production by Ticketer report provides the number of pieces scanned for all Ticketers at jobs within the specified date range.

  • Report shows data from 'active' jobs

Daily Notes

The Daily Notes report shows all notes for a specified date. Note data includes: Who created the note, who the note was about, the note itself, and the associated job.

  • Report shows data from 'active' jobs

Non-productive Time

The Non-productive Time report shows all Non-productive times or breaks (rest, lunch, etc...) for a specified date. Non-productive Time data includes: the job at which the break occurred, the type of break, and the time the break took place.

  • Report shows data from 'active' jobs

Daily Pay

The Daily Pay report provides a number of pieces of useful information regarding pay and hours for a specified date. Daily pay data includes: The job, number of employees who worked at the job, piece rate - if applicable, average hours worked, average hourly pay, minimum hourly pay, and maximum hourly pay.

  • Report shows data from 'active' jobs

Printer-friendly Reports

Printer friendly reports can be found on the Payroll screen, and is available for each Payroll Batch (the left-hand one highlighted in red is the 'printer-friendly detail' report, and the right-side one is the 'printer-friendly by-rate' report:


Printer-friendly Detail Report

The printer-friendly detail report is a printable web page with the payouts grouped by employee and pay type.

For each employee in the batch, a line item will appear showing:

  1. Date and job worked
  2. Clock-in/out time for each job
  3. Number of hours worked and at what rate
  4. Total wages and total hours worked
  5. Total hours separated by activity

Printer-friendly By-rate Report

The Printer-friendly By-rate View is a 'quick and dirty' printable report with quantities grouped by pay rate for low-frills data entry.

For each employee in the report, a line item will appear showing:

  1. Name of the employee
  2. A breakdown of all the rates that employees earned through the payroll batch. i.e. If 'Farmer Joe' worked 16 hours at $14/hr, earned $17.50/hr through a picking job, and earned 10 minutes of break pay, three separate items will show
  3. Total pay and total hours worked. This figure sums all the hours/pay from the above rates and hours

Reports by Field

Reports may be generated by field -- Ranch and/or Block. To do so, simply navigate to the Ranch you'd like to generate a report for. Once there, click the 'Reports' tab near the bottom, then fill out your desired fields.

Please note

This report provides all payout data for the selected Ranch and for any of the selected filters. It does not include data for 'active' jobs. Additionally, only one of each filter category may be added at a time -- for instance, if you wanted the report to only include two employees, you'll need to leave the 'Employee' filter blank, then filter the CSV itself afterwards for the two employees.

  • Block: By default, the report will include all Blocks within the selected Ranch. If you'd like to narrow the report down to a specific Block, you may do so here.
  • Task: filter the report to any specific task
  • Employee: filter the report to any specific employee
  • From Date: the start or beginning date of payout data you'd like to collect
  • To Date: the end date of payout data you'd like to collect



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