Why am I unable to see job on the FieldClock app?

If jobs are not visible on the FieldClock when they should be, it's likely the jobs list filters are incorrectly set or ranch access is preventing them from showing.

On admin & mobile

  • Jobs may not appear due to ranch access: if the job is taking place at a ranch that the user does not have access to, the user will not be able to see the job. Check your ranch permissions from the ranch details page on the admin site. For the user to be able to see jobs, be sure either access restrictions are turned off or the user is included in the "allowed access" list. Please keep in mind that the user may need to sign-out/in after changing these permissions. (more info)
  • Jobs may also not appear if the user has associated crew bosses: if the job has a crew boss assigned and the job's crew boss is not one of the crew bosses associated with the user, the user will not be able to see the job. Update the associated crew bosses for the user to fix. (more info)


  1. Check your jobs list filters (more info)
  2. Make sure the device is able to sync
  3. If the user is a roamer, please note they can only see jobs they create for themselves
  4. If the job is not currently 'active', and is not scheduled within the last 3 days, the job will not be visible