Restricting access at ranches

Access to a specific Ranch (and all Jobs at that Ranch) can be restricted to a specific set of employees. By default, all Ranches are available to all employees.

How does restricted access work?

Ranches with restricted access are visible only to employees with access. This restriction is placed on the Ranch itself, not the employees, so employees with access to the restricted Ranch are not exclusively restricted to that Ranch.

For example, if your ranches were configured as follows:

  • Ranch A - Unrestricted
  • Ranch B - Restricted to Crew Boss 1
  • Ranch C - Restricted to Crew Boss 2

Your crew bosses would have access as follows:

  • Crew Boss 1 can see Jobs at Ranch A and Ranch B
  • Crew Boss 2 can see Jobs at Ranch A and Ranch C
  • Crew Boss 3 can see Jobs at Ranch A

How do I manage access to a Ranch?

  • View your Ranch list
  • Select the Ranch you wish to modify
  • On the right side of the page, you will see a section titled "Access". Click the Manage Access button in this section
  • When confronted with the "Restrict Access?" option, click the Yes button
  • Type the names of any Crew Bosses or other employees that you wish to grant access to this Ranch
  • If you need to remove access from any individuals, click the red "X" next to their name
  • When you are finished selecting employees with access, click the Update button


Access lists may not update on all devices until after the next time a user signs-in.  If you have users who will be affected by the change in access level, please ask them to sign out and then sign in again in the mobile app or admin site.


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