What's the best badge printer to purchase?

We recommend the single-sided Zebra ZXP 7/8 Series as well as MagiCard printers.

Just about any card printer will work, but our preference is the single-sided Zebra ZXP 7/8 Series. We have also used MagiCard printers with good results.

Recommended paper and accessories:

FieldClock provides badge images as downloadable JPEG files. Any printer supported by Windows or macOS will be able to print these images.

If you are just checking out FieldClock, you do not need to invest in a card printer. The FieldClock mobile app will happily read badges printed on plain paper (you can even laminate them for a more durable low-cost entry).

If you're interested in the Zebra Card Printer System, please feel free to order on your own, or contact HarborTech Mobility at (425) 424-0444 or quotes@htmobility.com.