What types of payouts can FieldClock generate?

When you finalize a job, FieldClock organizes all the monies that should be paid to employees who worked at that job. These payouts can be batched together in payroll batches for export to your payroll software.

Job Payouts

FieldClock creates the following types of payouts:

  • Hourly - a payout for regular hourly work based on a number of hours at an hourly rate
  • Pieces - a payout for piecework production based on a number of pieces at a specific piece rate
  • Hours+Pieces - a payout for hourly production combined with piecework production
  • Break - a payout for break or other non-productive time based on an hourly rate multiplied by the amount of break time
  • Overtime - a payout for hourly work based on a number of hours at an "overtime" rate
  • Bonus - a payout that can be manually granted by the manager finalizing the Job and based on a simple flat amount
  • Minimum-Wage Adjustment - a payout to "top up" work so that an employee makes at least minimum wage. For example, if a piecework employee is a slow producer and not making minimum wage for their piecework, a Minimum-Wage Adjustment may be generated to augment their total pay based on the hours worked

Note: Many payroll systems automatically handle break pay and minimum-wage adjustments. You can use FieldClock without recording these, or alternatively, you can record these payouts in FieldClock and not transmit them to your payroll software.