How do I view my list of Wage Programs on Admin site?

A Wage Program defines your pay requirements for a specific group of Employees. It’s where you configure your rules for minimum wage, piecework break pay, overtime, and doubletime.

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To view your Wage Programs, first login to the Admin site and click the button that says “Admin” on the left-hand navigation menu. Next, click the “Wage Programs” tab. This is where all of your Wage Programs live. 

  • Each line item represents a different Wage Program. You can have as many as needed, but you’re required to have at least one. Each Employee must be assigned to a Wage Program. 
  • A good example of having two Wage Programs might be having one for your local employees, and another one for your H2A employees.
  • When you create new employees via the Admin Site, you can choose which Wage Program they are associated with.  
  • When you create new employees via the mobile app, they will be associated with the default Wage Program.  The default Wage Program is marked with a small “default” badge on your Wage Programs list.

Wage Programs give you flexibility in how you pay employees, which enables you to pay accurately and easily without manual calculations or complex spreadsheets.  FieldClock does the math for you!

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