How do I view a Wage Program on the Admin Site?

A Wage Program defines your pay requirements for a specific group of Employees. It’s where you configure your rules for minimum wage, piecework break pay, overtime, and doubletime.

To view a Wage Program, first login to the Admin site and click the “Admin” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Next, click the “Wage Programs” tab. From there, click your desired Wage Program to view it. 

This screen provides you with an overview of what a specific Wage Program has been configured to:

  • The top displays your Wage Program name
  • If the word “Default” is displayed next to your Wage Program name, it will be the default wage program for new employees created in the FieldClock app. All employees must be assigned to a single Wage Program in FieldClock
  • Below the name lists various settings that your Wage Program has been configured to, including the minimum-wage, break pay, overtime, doubletime, and first day of your workweek. For more information, please watch our videos on configuring minimum-wage, piecework break pay, or overtime & doubletime. 
  • At the bottom, we list all employees that are assigned to the Wage Program that you’re currently viewing
  • To edit the Wage Program, click the “Edit program” button in the upper-right

This view provides you with a quick and simple way of reviewing a Wage Programs configuration without having to edit it, which means easily being able to verify your pay settings when needed. 

If you’d like more information on creating a Wage Program, please see our video titled “How do I create or edit a Wage Program.”

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