How do I view my list of Tasks on the Admin site?

Tracking labor is an important part of your operation. In FieldClock, Tasks represent the work that’s performed. From Picking to Pruning, General Labor to Spraying, you can have all of the Tasks needed to perform any type of work.

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To view your Tasks List, first login to the Admin site and click “Admin” from your left-hand navigation menu. Next, click the “Tasks” tab. 

  • The center of your screen lists all of the Tasks that you’re currently using.
  • Click the “New Task” button on the right-hand side to create a new Task.
  • Click the “Import Tasks” button to import a CSV of new Tasks… to download a template that you can use to fill out for import, click the “Download CSV Template” button.
  • The “Download Tasks List”  button downloads a CSV file of all of your Tasks for viewing or use outside of FieldClock.

Managing your Tasks and activities has never been easier. 

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