How do I view my Ranch details on the Admin site?

A Ranch is a physical location, such as an orchard, field, or warehouse where your employees work.

    To view a Ranch, first login to the Admin site and click the “Ranches” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Then, click a Ranch from your Ranches list. 

    On the top of your page you’ll see a basic summary of the Ranch including which Payroll Entity it belongs to, the number of Varieties and Units planted, and how many Blocks it has. 

    The rest of the Ranch data is grouped into tabs as well as sectioned on the right-hand side of your screen. 

    • The “Job History” tab shows all recent Jobs that have taken place at this Ranch, which can be filtered by Task at the top of the list
    • The “Stats” tab shows various lifetime and average hourly production data 
    • The “Photos” tab shows thumbnails of all photo notes, which can be clicked to be enlarged
    • The “Reports” tab provides you with a way to generate a downloadable CSV with all payout data for the Ranch 
    • The “Location” map in the upper-right corner displays the boundaries of the Ranch
    • The “Varieties” list, just below the map, displays all crops that grow at the Ranch
    • The “Tasks” list, located below the Varieties list, displays all of the Tasks that are available
    • The “Blocks” list, located below the Tasks list, displays all of the Blocks within the Ranch, which can be clicked to view each Block individually 

    Ranches are an essential part of FieldClock - it’s where all labor takes place. The Ranch Details View provides a convenient way to manage your Ranches and Blocks, download payout data related to the Ranch, and assign Tasks and Varieties for better organization.

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