How do I view the "Job Info" tab on the FieldClock app?

The Job Info tab at a Job provides an overview of the Job’s configuration and the activity taking place there.

To view the Summary tab for a Job, first login to the FieldClock app and click the “Jobs” tab from your pullout navigation menu. Then, select a Job from your main Jobs list. 

  1. The description of the Job is displayed at the very top.
  2. The “All Jobs” button in the upper-left hand corner of your screen takes you back to your Jobs list.
  3. The “Edit” button in the upper-right hand corner of your screen allows you to edit the Job.
  4. The “Employees” section displays how many active Employees are currently clocked-in, and how many total Employees have worked the Job.
  5. The “Production” section displays the total as well as the production per hour.. Tapping the “Hourly” number will toggle between the average hourly production for the job and the current hourly production (based on employees that are still clocked-in). 
  6. The “Select a Printer” button in the “Printer” section allows you to connect to a bluetooth printer for printing Piece tickets.  For more information about using Bluetooth Printers, please watch our “Bluetooth Printers Overview” video linked below.
  7. The “Pay” section shows how much you’re paying per hour or per piece.
  8. Finally, the “Breaks” section allows you to add a Non-productive Time to the Job by tapping the “+” button, then selecting one of your Break Templates. 

The Info tab provides a great overview of a specific task or activity taking place in the field. This allows you to view labor in real-time, which means greater insight into work being performed. 

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