How do I view the "Tickets" tab on the FieldClock app?

If you grow crops, recording production is a key part of your operation. FieldClock’s “Tickets Tab” provides a simple way for your employees to record production while out in the field. Simply scan an employee’s badge to grant them pieces.

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The “Tickets” tab is available for Piecework Jobs on the FieldClock app. This is the main screen where production is recorded and Tickets are printed. Piece represents units of production, while Tickets refers to a record or receipt of a Piece that’s printed out.

To view your Tickets tab, first login to the FieldClock app and tap the “Jobs” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Next, select a Piecework Job from your main Jobs list. Then, tap the “Tickets” tab at the bottom of your screen.

  1. Scan an employee’s FieldClock badge to record a piece…
  2. If the Production Mode is set to “Individual”, employee’s will be granted entire pieces… However, if the Production Mode is set to “Shared” or “Team”, multiple employees may share pieces… for instance, if two people scan their badge with Shared Mode turned on, each employee will receive .5 pieces… 
  3. If the “Quantity Mode” is set to “Fixed Quantity”, each scan will grant a single piece… However, if “Quantity Mode” is set to “Variable Quantity”, the Crew Boss or Foreman will have the option to enter any number of pieces that the employee has picked… 

FieldClock provides a quick and convenient way to record production while out in the field. 

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