How does the Ticketer Role work?

Ticketers have access to the FieldClock app and can record Employee production.

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Providing your employees with proper access to FieldClock helps prevent unwanted user actions. In FieldClock, “Roles” can be assigned to specific employees that provide various privileges. These privileges in turn provide access to specific parts of FieldClock that align with their duties.

“Ticketers'' have access to the “Jobs” navigation link in the FieldClock App. They’re able to view the “Tickets” tab for Piecework Jobs, which means their sole responsibility is generating piece and ticket records for employees while out in the field. All other views within the mobile app are hidden. Ticketers are unable to create or view Jobs. They’re also unable to clock employees in and out unless specified to do so from the Admin site through App Settings. 

If you need an employee to generate piece and ticket records for employees while out in the field, the Ticketer Role is your best option. 

For more information on how to assign Roles, please watch our video titled “Roles Overview” linked below.

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