How do I view my list of Ranches on the Admin site?

A Ranch is a physical location, such as an orchard, field, or warehouse where your employees work.

To view your Ranches, first login to the Admin site and click the “Ranches” button from your left-hand navigation menu. 

  • Each line item is a Ranch. Work being performed at Ranches are paid by Payroll Entity, which are legal business units that pay Employees. If multiple Ranches are paid by the Payroll Entity, they’re grouped together in the list. 
  • The left-side displays a map thumbnail of the Ranch’s boundaries if they have been set.
To the right of the boundaries are various pieces of data:
    • The Ranches “Name” is at the top
    • “Today’s Tasks” shows all Jobs taking place at the Ranch for the current date
    • “Blocks” list all Blocks (sub-fields) within that Ranch
    • And “Varieties” lists all crops that are planted there
For more information on creating Ranches, please see our video titled “How to create Ranches” linked below
  • The right-hand side of your screen provide options to create new Ranches, Import Ranches, and Download your Ranches List to a CSV file
  • Below the right-hand side buttons are links to all of your Payroll Entities. For more information on Payroll Entities, please see our video titled “Payroll Entity Details View” linked below

Ranches are an essential part of FieldClock. They are the fields, orchards, and warehouses where work takes place. 

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