How do I generate the Production by Ticketer Report?

Keeping track of employee production is important. In addition to how much an individual employee produced, you may also want to see which employee was responsible for logging that production.

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The Production by Ticketer report puts this information at your fingertips.

To get there, first login to the Admin site and navigate to the “Reports” tab, then click the “Production by Ticketer” report button. Once loaded, you can change the date range by selecting a new one from the “Dates” dropdown, and select whether or not you’d like the report broken down by Job or PieceType, Task, and Variety. 

  • The “By Job” breakdown provides a separate report for each Job, each of which shows who the Ticketer was, how many pieces they scanned, who the picker was, and the number of pieces
  • The “By Task/Piece-Type/Variety” breakdown provides a separate report for each Piece Type, which includes the same columns as the ‘By Job’ breakdown
  • Each report can be searched, as well as exported in a variety of different ways

This report provides greater visibility into how many pieces your Ticketers are scanning in on a per Job or Piece Type basis, which means less manual tallies. We’ve already done it for you. 

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