How do I print a temporary badge on the FieldClock app?

If you have a connected bluetooth printer, temporary badges may be printed from the mobile app.

Regardless of whether or not an Employee forgets their badge or new hires don’t yet have theirs, FieldClock provides a simple way to generate and print new temporary badges while out in the field. 

To start, first connect a Zebra Bluetooth printer. For more information on how to connect a Bluetooth printer or which ones we integrate with, please watch our video titled “How do Bluetooth printers work with FieldClock?” linked below. 

To print a temporary badge for an Employee:

  • First tap the “Employees” navigation link in the FieldClock app
  • Then, select an Employee you need to print a badge for 
  • Finally, tap the “Print Temporary Badge” button in the lower left corner

FieldClock provides you with a simple and easy way to print badges while out in the field.