How do payroll groups work?

Payroll groups allow employees to be paid by a different business entity than work performed at a different ranch.


Many farms have complicated business structures. Work performed at a specific ranch may need to be paid by a different business entity than work performed at a different ranch. FieldClock makes this easy by allowing accounts to have multiple Payroll Entities that are used to pay employees according to your unique needs.  (More information about Payroll Entities.)

Depending on rules in your jurisdiction, and the unique composition of your organization, you may need to consider work performed for multiple payroll entities when calculating pay.  For instance, you may have a group of owners who have stakes in multiple entities and you need to consider all the related entities when calculating minimum wage or overtime. FieldClock provides a simple solution with "Payroll Groups".

A Payroll Group is simply a way to specify that specific calculations (e.g. Minimum Wage, Overtime/Doubletime, or Piecework Breaks) should consider payouts from all Payroll Entities in the group.  If a Payroll Entity is not associated with any Payroll Groups, pay calculations for that entity will not consider payouts associated with other entities.

Get Started

To set up or edit a Payroll Group on the Admin Site, first click "Admin" from the main menu. Then, click the "Payroll Entities" tab.  On this tab you will find a list of Payroll Entities and a list of Payroll Groups.  Click the "New Payroll Group" button to create a new Payroll Group.

From the edit screen you can configure the following options:

  • Name - the display name for the group
  • Payroll Entities - which Payroll Entities are included in this group (select as many as you need)
  • Calculations - which pay calculations are affected by this group

For example, you may need to calculate minimum wage using payouts associated with multiple entities.  In this case you would create a payroll group with the appropriate payroll entities selected and you would also select "Minimum Wage" in the calculations section.  Once this group is configured, payouts from all selected payroll entities will be considered when calculating minimum wage for any employees paid by any of the selected entities.