How do I download a Payroll Batch on the Admin site?

A Payroll Batch is a collection of employee payouts over a given date range. FieldClock provides different ways to download those payouts, whether it’s for your payroll software, or a simple CSV file to view in Excel. 

To get to your download options for a payroll batch, first login to the Admin site and click the “Payroll” button from your left-hand navigation menu. For each batch, we have numerous download options:

  • The leftmost button is for your specific payroll software. Click this button to generate the custom payroll export or to view sync status if you have an API integration with your payroll system.
  • The button with the “list” symbol is our “Printer-friendly Detail View, which lists out pay stubs for each employee
  • The button with the “at” icon provides a “Printer-friendly by-rate View”, which summarizes data for each employee by pay rate for manual data entry
  • The button with the “clock” icon downloads a CSV with chronological ‘Punch-in and out’ timestamps 
  • The far-right button with the “table” icon is our ‘Raw CSV’ which contains detailed payout data for review outside of FieldClock

These options provide you with a number of ways to download and view employee payouts, which provides better visibility into your data, less manual data entry, and more time saved to do what matters - run and grow your business.

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