Why is my phone is freezing / not behaving properly?

Making sure your device is using the latest FieldClock build, killing app apps, and logging out/back in may fix a frozen device.


  1. Check for FieldClock updates and make sure you're on the latest build
  2. Kill all apps, including FieldClock (double-tap the home screen and swipe up), then re-open FieldClock
  3. If Step 2 doesn't work, sync FieldClock, then log out and back in. Note: please make sure FieldClock syncs before logging out or you may lose data
  4. Lastly, check your phone "Settings" to see how much free space is available - having less than 1G available may cause freezing - and delete/transfer photos, videos, apps, etc... to free up space. (You can find this info by going to Settings > General > About
  5. If none of the above work, please contact FieldClock support