Why won't my bluetooth printer pair or connect with my device?

Turning the bluetooth printer on and off may fix the issue and/or checking that the correct driver has been installed.

To troubleshoot bluetooth pairing between your Zebra printer and an iPhone or Android device, please follow the steps below:

  1. First, please make sure your printer is compatible with FieldClock: we support and recommend the Zebra ZQ310, but iMZ220 models also work (although Zebra has discontinued this model)
  2. If you do have a printer we support, make sure no other bluetooth device is currently connected to your mobile device
  3. Turn both the printer and your devices bluetooth setting off, then turn them both back on
  4. If your Zebra printer still isn't showing up as an available device to pair, please make sure your printer has the latest driver. Search for your Zebra printer model here.
  5. If the above doesn't work, please contact FieldClock support