How do I map my Payroll Codes?

Payroll codes ensure all necessary FieldClock data is properly transferred over to your payroll software. In a sense, payroll codes allow FieldClock to “talk” with whatever payroll software you’re using.

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To map your payroll codes, first navigate to your Payroll Entity edit screen. For more information on this, please see our video titled “How to create a Payroll Entity” linked below.

  • Depending on your payroll software, various tabs will appear near the bottom of your screen such as “Ranches/Blocks”, “Tasks”, “Varieties”, “Piece Types”, and “Wages”.
  • These are all “objects” in FieldClock that can have associated payroll codes.
  • For example, let’s say you use Compu-Tech as our payroll software and your Ranch “My Ranch” has a payroll code of “R1” associated with it.
  • Enter “R1” for the same Ranch here in FieldClock next to the Ranch’s name.
  • Now, when work takes place at My Ranch, “R1” will be included in your payroll export file, which your payroll software can then read to allocate labor costs to that specific Ranch.
  • The same can be done for any of the other tabs that are visible to your payroll software.
  • As another example, let’s say that all “Hourly” pay should be exported over as “0”. If you head to the “Wages” tab, you can add a “0” to the “Hourly” row in the “Regular” column.
  • Then, when you generate a payroll batch, all employees who had hourly pay will receive a “0” in their Wages column in your export file.
  • Continue to transfer all of the payroll codes in your payroll software over to FieldClock.

These payroll codes can be assigned when creating or editing individual objects, such as the Task Edit form. Editing your Payroll Entity, however, allows you to update all payroll codes except employees from one single screen. It’s that easy.

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