How do I create or edit a Payroll Entity?

A Payroll Entity describes the different business units that you pay your Employees from.

For example, if one of your Ranches is paid by “My Farm LLC”, but another is paid by “My Other Farm Inc.”, you’d want to setup two separate Payroll Entities and associate them with the different Ranches. 

To create or edit a Payroll Entity, first login to the Admin site and click the “Admin” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Next, click the “Payroll Entities” tab. Then, click the “New Payroll Entity” button, or select an existing one from your list, then click the “Edit payroll” button. 

  • The “Name” of your Payroll Entity should be the same - or similar - to the Business Entity that it represents.
  • The “Payroll” option allows you to specify your Payroll Export format. Each payroll software has different configuration options. For more information on your payroll specific software, please see our video on that linked below. 
  • The various tabs below, such as “Ranches/Blocks”, “Tasks”, “Varieties”, “Piece Types”, and “Wages” are all payroll code inputs. For instance, if you use the payroll software Famous, and your “Picking” Task has a payroll code of “PICK”, enter “PICK” for that Task in the “Tasks” tab. 
  • If you have complex payroll code fields, our Template Placeholders on the right-hand side in blue can be used to render those fields for specific columns. For more information on mapping payroll codes, please see our video titled “How do I map my payroll codes?” video linked below.

Payroll Entities allow FieldClock to ‘talk’, so to speak, with your payroll software.  The display names in FieldClock match common names your employees expect, and Payroll Codes will translate these names to the values your payroll software understands. This allows you to import Employee payouts directly into your payroll software, which means no more manual data entry and tons of time saved. 

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