How do I import Tasks?

Getting all of your Tasks or Job Codes as they’re referred to in payroll systems is quick and simple to create in bulk. Through our Tasks Import form, you can import a simple CSV file containing all of your Tasks, and import them all at once.

To import your Tasks, first login to the Admin site and click the “Admin” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Next, click the “Tasks” tab. Then, click the “Import Tasks” button on the right-hand side. 

  • Our Tasks Import takes a simple CSV with the Task’s name, associated payroll code, and color.
  • Click the “Download Template CSV” button on the right-hand side to use as a template.
  • Once your Tasks CSV has been filled out, click the “Choose File” button to upload it.
  • If you have more than one Payroll Entity, a different one can be selected by choosing a new one from the “Payroll” dropdown.
  • For each row in the “Field Mappings” section, select which Task Field the Import should use for each CSV column.
  • Once your “Field Mappings” have been set, click “Save” to import your Tasks.

Uploading all of your Tasks into FieldClock has never been easier.

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