How to troubleshoot Quickbooks problems?

You can synchronize FieldClock data with desktop versions of Quickbooks. To do so, a payroll entity must list "Quickbooks" as its export format.

Once your payroll entity is configured to use Quickbooks, follow the instructions provided by the "Configure Quickbooks" button on the payroll entity's details page. The instructions will guide you through installing FieldClockSync into your Quickbooks Web Connector.

Solutions for common issues are listed below.

I'm getting the error message "QBWC1039: There was a problem adding the application

This can happen if FieldClockSync was previously installed and your Quickbooks file was moved to a new computer or if you are installing FieldClockSync using a different user account than the previous user account that installed the same ".qwc" file.

 To fix: Follow the instructions at Intuit KB# SLN41675.

I can't open the configuration file I downloaded

You may need to install the Quickbooks Web Connector program from Intuit. If the connector program is already installed, please uninstall and re-install it.

 To fix: Download the installer from Intuit

I'm running Quickbooks on OS X

Unfortunately, Intuit only offers the Quickbooks Web Connector for Windows.

FieldClockSync is creating duplicate employees in Quickbooks

This can happen if you manually create new Employees in FieldClock that already exist in Quickbooks.

 To fix: Create employees in Quickbooks, not FieldClock. Let the connector synchronize them for you.

I have multiple Payroll Entities using different Quickbooks company files

We're working on full support for this scenario. At the moment, you can sync each company by loading the respective company file and running FieldClockSync.

Quickbooks Web Connector says I need to grant permission to access personal data

The connector must be able to modify employees to ensure that Hours Worked are synced properly with Quickbooks. To do so, the connector needs permission to update \"other personal data\" for employees.

 To fix

  1. open your company file in Quickbooks
  2. Open the "Edit" menu
  3. Click "Preferences"
  4. Click "Integrated Applications" in the list of categories on the left side of the Preferences window
  5. Click the "Company Preferences" tab
  6. Click "Properties…"
  7. Check the box that says "Allow this application to access Social Security Numbers, customer credit card information, and other personal data" *
  8. Click "Ok"
  9. Click "Ok" 10 Re-run FieldClockSync in the Quickbooks Web Connector
  • FieldClockSync does not access social security numbers or credit card information, but it needs to be able to set a property called "UseTimeDataToCreatePaychecks" which is classified under "other personal data".