How do I take notes in the admin site?

Notes can be taken in the admin site from the job details screen, and can be associated with the job itself or specific employees.

How to create a job-level note

Job-level notes can be created from the job create or edit page:

  1. Click the "Create New Job" button from your jobs list or the "Edit Job" button if your job already exists
  2. At the bottom of the form, enter a note in the "Notes" input

Job-level notes are visible in both the admin site as well as the FieldClock app - both when viewing the job details screen. 

How to create an employee-level note

  1. Navigate to the job where you'd like to take a note in

  2. From the "Employees" tab, click an employee you'd like to make a note for by expanding their job data

  3. In the "Comments & Photos" section, click the "+ Add comments" button and enter your note

What information is associated with a note?

When a note is taken, it is associated with several things…

  • The current Job
  • The current Ranch
  • The current Block (optional)
  • The note creator (whoever is using the app)
  • The note subject (depends on how the note was created). A note's subject can either be an employee or a piece

Where do notes surface in the admin site?

Job Details

  • The Production tab shows text notes beneath employee names

  • When employee rows are expanded on the Production tab, their notes (text & photos) are shown

  • The Photos tab shows all photos taken at the job

  • The Maps tab shows where notes were taken

Employee Details

  • The Notes tab shows any notes associated with the employee

Ranch Details

  • The Photos tab shows any photos taken at the Ranch

Block Details

  • The Photos tab shows any photos taken at the Block