How do I setup payroll for Greux?

Paying your employees should be quick and easy. To help with this, you can configure FieldClock to export pay data into a file that’s accepted by Greux.

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If you haven’t already, please watch our videos titled “How to create a Payroll Entity” and “How to map payroll codes” linked below to first learn about Payroll Entities, template placeholders and payroll code mapping. This will provide you with the knowledge necessary to successfully configure Greux. 

  • Click the “Software” dropdown and select “Greux” as your payroll software
  • Enter your “Crop #” using the Template Placeholders in blue located on the right-hand side of your screen… 
  • For example, if your Crop Number in Greux is set to use Variety Code, copy and paste the Template Placeholder “{variety_code}” into the “Crop #” input…
  • Then, do the same for your “Cost Code”... 
  • If you’d like to leave minimum-wage adjustments out of your payroll export, select “Yes” for the “Omit MWA Payouts” option

FieldClock makes exporting pay data to Greux quick and easy. 

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