FieldClock Reports Overview

In order to effectively manage your farm, you need access to the data.

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FieldClock provides several ways to access your data – from Basic Reports that provide simple information, to Custom Reports that you create for your own farm, to APIs that you can use to create your own custom integrations with Business Intelligence tools.

To view your Reports in FieldClock, first login to the Admin site and click “Reports” from your left-hand navigation menu.

This view provides a variety of reporting options. 

  • Basic Reports are preconfigured reports that provide quick information for various needs, such as managing employees, tracking piece work, and viewing notes.
  • Custom Reports are fully customizable reports to meet needs that aren’t covered by Basic Reports.  Custom Reports that you save will be available beneath the Basic Reports.
  • API access is available on the Complete Plan It provides total access over your data for integration with external tools such as data visualization or business intelligence software.

FieldClock strongly believes that your data is your own and should be accessible to you in the way that best fits your farm.  Access to this data in real time allows you to manage your farm in the most effective way possible.  For more information about Custom Reports check out our video titled “How to generate Custom Reports” linked below. And for more information about API access, check out our video titled “How API access works” also linked below. 

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