FieldClock iOS FAQ?

The FieldClock app can be downloaded from the iOS app store by anyone with an iPhone!

Where can I get the FieldClock iOS app?

FieldClock is available for download in the Apple App Store.  Click the button below to view the store listing:


What are the minimum requirements?

FieldClock is compatible with any iOS device running iOS 10 or newer.  Even though some older devices will run iOS 10, we really don't recommend running anything older than an iPhone 7.  The processing speed and camera quality on the newer phones will provide a much smoother syncing and scanning experience.

Our current recommended iPhone is the iPhone SE.  This model is Apple's least expensive phone and the internal specs are as powerful as an iPhone 11 Pro.  When it comes to "bang for the buck", this phone can't be beat.

Do you sell iOS devices?

No, FieldClock does not sell any hardware. Our goal is to provide apps that work on the widest variety of devices, including ones that your organization has already purchased or that your employees already carry.