How to perform an "emergency" data export?

Triggering a data export causes the app to dump the contents of a job to a text (.txt) file. The text file can then be shared via Messages, Mail, AirDrop, etc...

What is an 'emergency' data export?   

If a phone's radio is partially/fully broken, the user may still be able to extract the data by exporting this file and copying it with iTunes or other transfer programs. The actual transference of the file is up to the customer, we simply provide the file in an accessible manner from the interface.

For security and usability reasons, this feature is not intended to be easily accessible. Details on triggering it are below. The process will require the user to enter an "Export Password". The "Export Password" is the same for all users in a company. The default value is "98802", but Company Admins may change it at any time (may be found in Admin -> Misc -> App Settings). If a company admin changes their export password, the new password will not take effect on phones until they sync.    

How do I trigger a data export?

  1. Tap a job to view its details

  2. While on the info tab in the job view, hold 1 finger down on the tab bar for 5-10 seconds

  3. Enter your company's export password in the resulting pop-up

  4. Select which app you wish the export the file to.  Choose an app that will accept the file (FieldClock itself can be chosen for troubleshooting). For example, if you export to "Mail", you will then be able to email the file to yourself.


  • The long-press action only works if the Job is on the Info tab. Anywhere on the tab bar may be long-pressed, but only if the Info tab is active

  • The long-press action is sometimes fickle and won't trigger. If you long-press for more than 10 seconds and the pop-up does not appear, simply lift your finger and try again

  • Each Job must be exported individually

  • If your company uses MDM (Mobile Device Management) and the device is locked down with no text and/or email available, please use the device's AirDrop feature to export data or configure your MDM to temporarily lift the restrictions

  • Accessibility features such as AssistiveTouch or Touch Accommodations may prevent the long press gesture from working correctly.  If you have customized your accessibility settings, you may need to disable your customizations prior to performing emergency data export. Please open the settings app on your phone, then go to General -> Accessibility.  Be sure that AssistiveTouch and Touch Accommodations are turned off.  You can re-activate them after performing the export procedure.