How do I deactivate or delete things in FieldClock?

If an object (e.g. task, ranch) has not been associated with a Job and/or Payroll Batch, it may be deleted. Otherwise, it may not be deleted - but it may still be inactivated.

Short answer

Certain items may be deleted in FieldClock while others may not. The general rule is that if data has been associated with a FieldClock object (ranch, block, variety, task, piece type, payroll batch), it cannot be deleted. That object may only be deleted if it has not yet been associated with a Job and/or Payroll Batch.  

If an item cannot be deleted and you'd like to remove it from all lists, please 'deactivate' it by unchecking the 'Active?' box while editing the object. Doing so will remove it from your lists and clean up your user interface. Deactivating something in FieldClock simply removes it from the interface, and can be reactivated at any time. Additionally, deactivating something in FieldClock doesn't remove data associated with it, and can always be retrieved later.

Ranches & Blocks

If a Ranch or Block has data associated with it - a Job has taken place and has been finalized - it cannot be deleted. The only way a Ranch or Block may be deleted is if no jobs have been associated with it.

Variety/Task/Piece Type

Varieties, Tasks and Piece Types work exactly as Ranches and Blocks. If they have been associated with a Job, they may not be deleted.

Payroll Batches

Payroll Batches, once generated, cannot be deleted.


Employees may be deleted at any time, even if they have worked a Job and have been included in a Payroll Batch.


If an object is no longer in use or should be taken off lists, it may be marked as 'Inactive', which can be done while editing the object.