How do I create Jobs on the Admin site?

Jobs can be created on the admin site by clicking "Jobs" in the left-hand menu, then clicking the "New Job" button in the upper-right hand side.

A “Job” is how FieldClock describes the work your employees do and how they should be paid.  We’ll dive into this in more detail, but first let’s get you to the Job Edit form. Login to the Admin site and click the “Jobs” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Then, click the “New Job” button on the right-hand side of your main jobs list.

At a basic level, a job describes the “what”, “where”, and “when” of your labor. In FieldClock terms this is a Task taking place at a Ranch on a date. Other job attributes can be applied too, such as:

  • The “Variety”, which is the crop type you’re working with
  • Crew Boss”, or who’s overseeing the Job.
  • Color”, so it’s easy to locate in your Jobs list.
  • Night Shift”, to indicate that it’s an overnight Job.
  • If you’re using H2-A labor, you can also track the number of “Hours Offered” at the job.
  • Pay Type”, controls how employees will be paid. You can select  Hourly, Piecework, or Hourly + Piecework Job.
  • Hourly Pay” specifies the Hourly Rate that Employees should earn for this particular Job - or Task. This is optional. Employees will always earn the highest out of their Wage Program rate, custom rate, or the Job rate.
  • Piecework Options” become available once the Job is set to a “Piecework” or “Hourly + Piecework” Pay Type. 
    • First, select a Piece Type, like “Bins” or “Lugs”
    • Then input a Piece Price, how much you’re paying per piece.
    • Other Piecework options include Production Type & Quantity Type.
For more information on Piecework Jobs, please see our video titled “How to create Piecework Jobs” that’s linked below.
  • And finally, “Notes” allow arbitrary comments to be added to the Job.

Jobs are the bread-and-butter of FieldClock. They provide you with a way to track any type of labor that you need, and it's where payouts stem from. 

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