How do I create or edit a Break Template?

A "Break Template" is a reusable template for non-productive time. A good example of this might be a paid 10 minute “Rest Break” or a 30 minute unpaid ”Lunch”.

Our break template edit form allows you to create new templates, which will then become available at jobs. 

To get there, first login to the Admin site and click the ‘Admin’ button from your left-hand navigation menu. Next, click the ‘Non-Productive Time’ tab. From there, either click ‘New Break Template’ or select a break template from your left-hand list and click the ‘Edit’ button. 

  • The ‘Name’ field is the title or name of your template.
  • The ‘Category’ dropdown allows you to select the non-productive time category to which it belongs.  For more information about non-productive time categories, check out the video titled “How do I create or edit a Non-Productive Time Category on the Admin site?” .
  • “Minutes” is the number of minutes the break should last. For instance, if you enter 10, then apply this template to a job at 10am, it will add a 10 minute break from 10am - 10:10am.
  • The ‘Paid?’ checkbox allows you to select whether or not it should be a paid break or not.

Break templates provide you with an easy way to create & track all of your non-productive times, whether paid or unpaid. This means more accurate pay and less time doing manual calculations. 

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