How do badge display numbers differ from payroll codes?

Badge numbers are simply identifying numbers on employee badges, while payroll codes (IDs) identify employees in a given payroll system.

There are two types of identification numbers an employee may have:

Badge Display Number

The badge display number is simply there to help identify employees who are part of multiple payroll entities and serves no other purpose than badge identification. This is the number that is actually displayed on employee badges.


Payroll Codes

An employee's payroll codes identify an employee for all things payroll related and must be entered if that employee is to be identified in a payroll batch file. If more than one payroll entity exists, an employee may have a separate payroll identification number for that payroll. Note that they cannot be entered if ‘Use Badge Display # for payroll codes’ is checked.


Use badge display number for payroll codes?

If you'd like the badge display # to be the same code that's used for payroll export file, check this option. We'll automatically copy the badge display # over so there's one less thing you need to worry about.