What are Billing Accounts and Companies?

Simply put, a Billing Account is a FieldClock account, under which many Companies (i.e. your Companies) can be held.

Adding Additional Companies to your Account

FieldClock now supports multiple companies underneath a single 'Billing Account'. However, access to this functionality requires Company creation to happen through a FieldClock Employee. If you have multiple Companies, which need to be completely separate from each other, please inquire about an umbrella Billing Account though a FieldClock employee.

Moving Between Companies

Once a second company has been added to a Billing Account, every user with an Account Administrator privilege may move between the two companies. The following will be presented each time they log in:

Additionally, if that user wishes to switch companies while logged in, they can simply choose to 'Switch Company' from the main dropdown menu:

Note: Company Administrators can only log into a single company and are not permitted to move between multiple companies - that is exclusively for Account Administrators.