What is Kiosk?

We’ve had numerous requests to bring the simplicity of FieldClock to warehouses. Kiosk was built for this. It’s a mobile app that allows employees to quickly clock-in and out of Jobs as needed without Job management.

Note: for more information on configuring Kiosk, please see our videos titled “How to configure Kiosk”, “How to use Kiosk’s Scan Mode” and “How to use Kiosk’s Photo + PIN Mode”, which are all linked below. 

To use Kiosk, head to your iOS App Store or Google Play Store and download the “FieldClock Kiosk” app. Please see our links below to both App Stores. 

There are a couple of fundamental differences between FieldClock and Kiosk:

  • Kiosk can only be configured by a Company, Account, or Kiosk Administrator.
  • When an employee clocks-in, Kiosk checks to see if a Job already exists on the current date for the specified Task and Ranch. If a Job already exists, the employee is clocked-in to the existing Job. If no Job exists, a new Job is created using the Kiosk configuration and the selected Task.
  • Sync happens initially on login, then periodically while in Kiosk mode, which pulls all active Jobs.

Kiosk provides an easy way for employees to clock-in to Jobs without the need to manage them from the app. This means time saved and more time doing work that matters. 

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