How do I create or edit a Wage Program?

A Wage Program defines your pay requirements for a specific group of Employees. It’s where you configure your minimum wage, piecework break pay, and overtime calculations.

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    To edit your Wage Program, first login to the Admin site and click the “Admin” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Next, click the “Wage Programs” tab. From there, click the “New Wage Program” button on the right-hand side of your screen. It is the same process to edit an existing Wage Program. Click the desired one from your Wage Programs list, then click the “Edit program” button in the upper-right. 

    • To start, you can name your Wage Program anything you’d like, such as “Local Minimum Wage” or “H2A”
    • Marking a Wage Program as “Default” means that employees created in the mobile app will be assigned to this program. All FieldClock employees are required to be assigned to a single Wage Program
    • The “Minimum Wage Period” describes the period over which minimum-wage is calculated.  If Minimum Wage Period is “none”, FieldClock will not automatically create minimum wage adjustments.  For more information about minimum wage handling, watch our “How to configure minimum-wage settings” video
    • The “Rate” is the lowest hourly rate to use when calculating employee payouts.  It will be used as the default rate for hourly jobs, or minimum wage for piecework jobs
    • Piecework Break Pay” can be turned on to automatically calculate break pay for “Piecework” and “Hourly + Piecework” jobs
    • Overtime” and “Doubletime” can optionally be configured to calculate in FieldClock, but may be left off if you prefer to do it in your payroll software.  Watch our “How to configure overtime and doubletime” video for more information about Overtime calculations
    • First Day of Week” is used when calculating Minimum Wage, Overtime, and Doubletime 
    • And lastly, select a color if you want to use your Wage Program Colors on Employee Badges
    • All of this provides an extremely thorough way for you to configure FieldClock to calculate employee pay, which means less manual calculations and more time to run and grow your business. 

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