How do I view a Pay Template's details on the Admin Site?

Pay Templates allow you to specify pay rules for common Job configurations.

Pay Templates allow you to specify pay rules for common Job configurations. For instance, if you have a special Variety which must be paid a different wage during picking, you can create a template for that.

To view a Pay Template, first log in to the Admin site and click the “Admin” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Next, click the “Pay Templates” tab. From there, click any of the Pay Template line items from your list to view it. 

A Pay Template is a combination of “filters” and “rules”.  The filters determine which jobs the template will apply to – for example, if you need to pay a special rate for picking Honeycrisp apples. If a job matches your specified filters, the pay rules will be applied.

  • The “Filters” section on the left-hand side lists all of the Job configuration parameters that the Pay Template will check.  You can be as general or as specific as you’d like.  Any filters you do not specify will be ignored.
  • The “Pay Rules” section displays the hourly rates or piece rate rules that will be enforced if the above Job configuration is met.  You can set minimum, maximum, and default values.  For example, you might create a rule that “picking buckets of cherries” defaults to $7 per bucket and cannot be lower than $5 per bucket or higher than $9 per bucket.

Pay Templates allow you to save time when creating Jobs by automatically setting hourly and piece rates for certain Job configurations. These also provide the benefit of reducing incorrect hourly rates and piece pay for certain Jobs by having FieldClock do it for you!

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