How do I view my Note Template Details?

Note Templates are custom Quality Control Notes that you can use in the field to track customized quality control data. For instance, you might want to track bruising in apples or the number of stem-pulls in cherries.

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To get there, first login to the Admin site and click the “Admin” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Next, click the “Notes” tab. From there, click any of your Note Templates from your left-hand column to view its Details page. 

  • The top-left displays the title - or name - of your Note Template
  • The “Comments” section displays a description on how to use the Note Template
  • The “Input Fields” section lists all of the Note Fields that are in use for this Note Template. If an Input Field has a yellow “required” badge in it, it means that that input requires users to fill it out before they can save the Note
  • The “Varieties” section lists all Varieties that the Note Template applies to, which means that the Note Template will only be available at Jobs where the selected Varieties have been assigned

Note Templates are the way to track Quality Control out in the field, which means better insight into any defective products or processes. 

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