How do I view my list of Equipment Categories?

Grouping your Equipment together is key for proper organization. FieldClock provides you with Equipment Categories to make this easier, which allows you to group similar pieces of Equipment together.

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To view your Equipment Categories List, first login to the Admin site and click the “Admin” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Next, click the “Equipment” tab. 

  • Each line item represents an Equipment Category, which displays its name and its associated color.
  • Click the “New Category” button on the right-hand side to create a new Equipment Category.
  • “Import Categories” allows you to upload a CSV of Categories directly into FieldClock.
  • Click the “Download Categories List” button to download a CSV of all of your existing Categories.

FieldClock provides you with all of the Equipment organization you’ll need to properly keep tabs on all of your hardware. 

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