How do I view Job Details on the Admin site?

A “Job” is how FieldClock describes the work your employees do and how they should be paid. In its most basic form, it describes the “what”, “where”, and “when”. In FieldClock terms this is a Task taking place at a Ranch on a date.

To view a Job, first login to the Admin site and click “Jobs” from the left-hand navigation menu. Then, select the Job you’d like to view from your main Jobs list.

At the top of the page you’ll see a basic summary of the Job including Job configuration details, employee counts, and production numbers.

The rest of the Job data is grouped into tabs:

  • The “Employees” tab is where you will find time entries, piecework, and notes related to each employee
  • The “Timeline” tab shows a graphical representation of time entries, piece records, and any breaks
  • The “Equipment” tab shows all equipment activity that took place
  • The “Photos” tab provides easy access to all photos taken at the Job
  • The “Notes” tab shows all Quality Control Notes that were created
  • The “Map” tab shows you a map of where each Job activity was recorded
  • The “Breaks” tab is where you manage all Non-Productive Time for this Job
  • The “Finalize” tab will be available if the job is active. See our “Job Finalization” video for more information
  • The “Payouts” tab will be available if the Job is final. This is where you can see what employees were paid at this Job

The Job Details view provides real-time actionable information about your employees’ activity, along with the ability to make corrections if needed. 

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