How do I view my Equipment details on the Admin site?

Keeping tabs on where Equipment is being used and which Tasks and Varieties they’re being used for is important for any organization with hardware. FieldClock makes this easy by allowing you to track Equipment just like tracking labor.

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To view a piece of Equipment, first login to the Admin site and click the “Equipment” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Then, click a piece of Equipment in your list to view it.

The initial Equipment Details view shows basic Equipment data - the Equipment’s name, which Category it belongs to, and who used it last along with a map displaying where it was last used in FieldClock. 

  • The “Activity Log” shows all activity for the Equipment you’re currently viewing.
  • Each line item represents a Job that the Equipment was used at, which includes the Job’s title, a photo thumbnail of where it was last used, who operated it and at what time it was in use.
  • Click the green “Download Badge Image” button to download a QR code for the piece of Equipment, which is required to clock the piece into Jobs.
  • Click the “Edit equipment” button to edit it.

FieldClock puts Equipment Activity just a few clicks away with Equipment Details. 

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