How do I view my Employees list on the Admin site?

The Employees List is a searchable list of your employees, which can be filtered and displayed differently depending on your preferences.

To view your employees list, first login to the Admin site and click the “Employees” button from your left-hand navigation menu.

  • Each employee will be listed with their name, badge #, photo, and what role they’ve been assigned.
  • The list can be viewed as cards or rows of employees.
  • Search the list by typing in the search box at the top.
  • The “Filters” button, just below the search box, allows you to filter by any number of selectors.
  • And if you select multiple employee checkboxes, the ability to bulk-edit them appears on the right-hand side. Use this to edit multiple employees at the same time.
Also on the right-hand side are a number of other buttons where you can:
  • Create new employees.
  • Import employees via a CSV file.
  • Download all employee badges.
  • Download all employees to a CSV file.
  • Merge duplicate employees.
  • And a way to onboard employees to FieldClock through Harvust, our official on-boarding partner.

All of this provides you with a quick and easy way to create, view, and manage individuals and groups of employees whenever you need. This means less paperwork and more time saved to focus on what matters. Running and growing your business.

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