How do I view my Account Details?

Quick access to your Account related information is important for staying up-to-date. FieldClock provides you with easy access to all this data in one simple view.

To view your Account Details, first login to the Admin site and click the “Account” button from your left-hand navigation menu. 

  • The initial view shows your “Company Details”, which includes your Company address and badge colors that are in use.
  • The “Activity” panel on the right-hand side is visible to users with Account Administrator privileges. It provides a summary of your current month’s activity, the “Service Plan” you’re currently on, “Active Employees” count, “Payment Method” you have on file, and “Billing Contact”.
  • The “Users” list at the bottom displays a browsable list of all users at your company that have access to FieldClock… click any of them to view their details page.

FieldClock provides quick and easy access to all of your Account Details.