How do I set or change an employee's piecework quantity on the admin site?

You can add and/or change an employee's piecework quantity by navigating to the job where the employee worked and expanding their employee details.


You may have an employee who was incorrectly attributed pieces or picked several buckets and you want them to show as a single "piece" with a quantity equivalent to the number of buckets picked. Whatever the reason, you may change an employee's production count through the job details page.

How to edit a single piece's quantity

  • Go to the job details view
  • Click the row of the employee you wish to edit. (Note: If you tap directly on the employee's name, it will take you to their profile.  Tap elsewhere in their row to expand their details at the selected job.)
  • In the Employees list, click the button that looks like a Pencil
  • In the pop-up form, enter a new quantity for the piece
  • Click Save Changes