How do I generate the Production by Field Report

Sometimes you need to see how much yield you got in a particular ranch or block. FieldClock’s Production by Field report allows you to see total production across your farm with minimal effort.

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To get there, first login to the Admin site and navigate to the “Reports” tab, then click the “Production by Field” report button. Once loaded, you can change the date range by selecting a new one from the “Dates” dropdown, and select which field you’d like to view data for by selecting the “Ranches” dropdown. If you’d like to view data for all Ranches, simply click “Generate” to update the report.

  • The left column displays the Ranch, which can be clicked to view all production counts for each Block within that Ranch.
  • The other columns show how many Total Workers there were, Total Hours Worked, and of course Total Piece counts with different line items for each Piece type.

If you’re needing a birds-eye view of production counts by field, along with how many workers and man-hours were used to gather those pieces, this is the best report for it. It’s an easy way to see how many workers and man-hours it took to pick entire Ranches and Blocks, which means greater visibility into your data and less manual calculations. 

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