How do I generate the Production by Employee Report?

Keeping track of employee production in real time gives you the power to identify underperformers as well as employees who may be going too fast and sacrificing quality. The Production by Employee report gives you an easy way to act on this data.

To get there, first login to the Admin site and navigate to the "Reports" tab, then click the "Production by Employee" report button. Once loaded, you can change the date range by selecting a new one from the "Dates" dropdown, and select whether or not you’d like the report broken down by Job or Employee. 

  • The "By Job" breakdown sums all production by job for the given date range, which can be expanded by clicking the Job name in the report to view production by employee.
  • The "By Employee" breakdown sums all production by Employee for the given date range, which can also be expanded, but it will breakdown that employee’s total production by each job.
  • The other columns include production per hour, total hours worked, and total pay among others depending on the breakdown.
  • Lastely, all report data can be downloaded via CSV for viewing and modification outside of FieldClock.

The Production by Employee report is great if you want to view total production counts per Employee or per Job over a given date range, which means no more manually calculating piece counts by hand - we’ve already done it for you. 

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