How do I view my Note Details on the FieldClock app?

Keeping tabs on the quality of your products is key in identifying areas of improvement. Note details provide access to this information while out in the field.

To view a note, first login to the FieldClock app and tap the “Jobs” tab from your pullout navigation menu. Next, select a Job where the note is. Then, tap the “Notes” tab at the bottom of the screen followed by the “List” button in the upper-left hand corner. From there, tap a note in your notes list to view it.

  • Each line item represents a note that displays basic note data such as its creator, photo, associated pieces, producer, date and time created, and which job it’s related to.
  • Below its basic data is a map that displays the location of where the note was created.

FieldClock allows you to view quality control data both in the field as well as in the office.