How does location mode work?

FieldClock offers 3 different "Location Modes" that govern how the app asks for permissions related to location services.  You can select a Location Mode on the Admin site by visiting the Misc tab on the Admin screen.

What is Location Mode?

Location mode controls how the FieldClock mobile app responds to different levels of location permissions on the user's device. We offer the following levels (ordered from least restrictive to most restrictive):

  • Optional: the app will ask for location privileges only once. If denied / restricted, the app will continue normally without asking again.
  • Preferred: the app will ask for location privileges multiple times if not granted. (This prompt typically happens when re-launching the app or after an extended period of time.) Other than the location prompts, the app will continue to work normally without location privileges.
  • Required: the app will ask for location privileges multiple times if not granted. Additionally, the user will only be able to access jobs at a known ranch or block when their location is known to be within the boundaries of the ranch or block.


  • Admin Site features that depend on location data, such as map waypoints or device "last known location", may be inoperable or unavailable if location permission is not granted (or if user devices are unable to determine location for other reasons) 
  • When in "Required" mode, the create job and edit job forms will only allow the user to select the ranch/block where they are currently located. Users cannot create jobs at distant locations
  • When in "Required" mode, location is checked more frequently and with greater accuracy than in other modes.  This will have a negative impact on battery life
  • When in "Required" mode, the user must remain at a job's location to continue viewing the Job's details.  If the user exits the job's Ranch or Block boundaries, the app will automatically exit Job Details and return to the Jobs List