How accurate are pins on the job details map in the admin site?

Our location fixes are really just guidelines: accuracy of location data goes down with poor reception, movement, and the amount of time the user keeps the FieldClock app open.

Even with a successful location fix, the precise location is still within a 30 - 60ft radius. We are continuing to improve location accuracy as we move forward.

Some things you can do to increase accuracy:

  1. Limiting user movement (both while scanning pieces & badges as well as in-between scans)
  2. Make sure Ticketers & scanners keep the FieldClock app open between scans
  3. (This one is more difficult) The better cellular reception your Ticketers have, the faster their devices can make a successful location fix. We realize that some fields don't have very good reception at all, and in those cases, your best bet is simply making sure they keep the app open and limit movement