How do I view the Job Finalization Form?

Job Finalization takes place at the end of each job. Managers and Administrators review employee hours, piece counts, breaks, and payouts to confirm everything is correct.

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To finalize a Job, first login to the Admin site and click the “Jobs” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Then, click any of your Jobs from your Main Jobs list, and click the “Finalize” tab. From here, click the “Review job for finalization” button. 

  • The description of the Job is displayed at the top in blue
  • Below the title includes basic Job information, such as the Crew Boss, who created the Job, how many Employees worked it, any breaks, and the the Pay Type among other attributes
  • Click the “Show details” button to the right of the title to expand the Job’s details. This will display all Employees who worked the job
  • Each Employee line item displays their name, badge number, effective hourly rate, active and total hours worked, and payout
  • Clicking the “Bonus” button will allow you to add a one-time, gross payout for a specific Employee
  • The upper-right hand corner of the Job shows the total payout of the job, a refresh button to pull in any new changes that might have occurred since viewing this page, and a green checkmark button to finalize the Job, which we’ll do now
  • Once the Job has been finalized, you’ll notice a green flag that says “final” directly to the right of the Job title

If you have many Jobs to finalize, you can select multiple jobs from your main Jobs list by checking the checkbox on the right-hand side of each Job, then clicking the “Bulk-finalize” button at the top of your Jobs list.

Finalization provides you with an extra level of review, allowing you to fix errors, such as incorrect piece counts or hours,before being paid out. It’s an essential part of FieldClock that helps you achieve accurate data entry and correct employee payouts.

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